A Series of interviews by Ashley Cooper

Roger Green

ROGER GREEN recalls how St Peters Church, on the Market Hill, was saved from possible destruction in the 1970’s, whilst also revealing glimpses of the building’s past. As a music teacher at Cornard  Upper School ,(now Thomas Gainsborough School) he also describes the building of the Prospect Theatre there—together with some of its famous visitors.

Phyllis Felton

PHYLIS FELTON remembers her time at Walnutree Hospital where she nursed for many years, beginning her training there in 1959. She vividly describes the building, its history, the Nurse’s Home where she lived and of Matrons who had been pioneers of the NHS. Local characters are also recalled, together with the creation of Sudbury Museum.

Peter Minter

Brick making and Building History

Sue Tibbetts

Local School Teacher and Historian

Peter Cooper

Local Schoolboy, teacher and lecturer

Margaret Hibble

MARGARET HIBBLE talks about her schooldays in the 1940’s and 50’s, when she was told that, ‘Girls don’t study science’. (Undeterred she still got a job in a laboratory!)  Margaret also reminisces about ‘sweet rationing’, life before electricity came to Waldingfield Road and of Sudbury in the 1960’s—with its cattle market, cinemas, church activities and coffee bars.

Ted Filer

The Silk Industry and USAAF Airfield in WW2

Produced in association with Sudbury Museum Trust

by The Offshoot foundation